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Osiz Technologies company has been established in 2010 web design and development industry for over 5 years. Our company is located in Madurai, India. For over 5 years, Our Company has been completed hundred thousand web design and development project across to responsive website and mobile website development. Our customer comes from various business sectors and discipline from Europe, Asia, Africa, USA and East of Asia. We have an expert web designer and developer with high technology, skill and knowledge in web design and development. We develop many innovative websites for IT service that make us as the biggest leader in web design and development industry in India. We are professional Web design company in india, having worldwide satisfied customers.

There are some reason, why people visit and choose our service, as follows;

  • Osiz Technologies is effective web design and development company for any kinds of project. We are efficient for small and dedicated web development project
  • Focus and speed web design and development includes in mobile app development
  • On time completion of project
  • Come to provide web design and development service in affordable prices
  • Have experienced and expert team of web design and developer professional

Our Company is dedicated to complete all web design and development project and build our customer business get positive progress in business marketing and revenue. Our Company come to see all business client get succeed as well and develop in the next business level.


Osiz Technologies is experienced web design and developer company for over 4 years. We have developed millions customers in credible way and facilitate to build powerful website and mobile web professionally. Our team is an expert person who can do and build customer web and mobile web in short of times without any complain.


We are expert in quality and expertise operational. We have experienced and dedicated technical developer, technical support and technical expertise to process all web design and development project. We applies systematic approach to help customer and work together with them in friendly communication.

Cost Effective

Osiz Technologies provide high quality web design and development service at affordable packages. We make a plan and process to build high quality website based on high technology. We save a lot of budget in web developing project.


Osiz Technologies is secure and safe company with expert web developer and technicians. We provide high level web design and development with 100% secure, protecting all customer data, safe for business information and confidence in building strong and attractive website design and application. We are the only company who can build and make your site appear and strong on top search engine.

Web Design

Website design is more pieces of various elements put together by using technologies. In our view, a website is a way to show your business to your customers. Everybody knows, Good way to find a Best web design company, its entirely based on previous work and experiences Many peoples are searching a best web design company with affordable prices, few understanding about that website design services involves much more than complicated. Millions of companies are using the reference websites to create the websites. We are analyzing the business concept and competitors website based on your requirements and creating the design with latest technologies. We are using upto date technology launches, Not using or not staying in the old technologies. We research and implement the technologies, by hiring a professional Web designers. You are choosing a web design or development partner to create a website design that impresses its visitors with both its appearance and functionality. Theme store

Theme Design

Welcome! You have come to right place to get your business go to Live and move to next place in your business. Themes are something We are doing since long and We are having very good experience with it. So if you are looking for create Theme Design, You are at right place. We offers affordable price theme creation, integration and customization for following open sources.. – WordPress Theme – Opencart Theme – Magento Theme – Concrete5 Theme – Shopware Theme – Joomla Theme Theme store

Templates Design

Web design platform having some more easier and faster platform to move or go with your site design and development. We are having highly skilled developers and designers to customize, create or integrate the open source templates within your website. We are doing below template system for web development. If you are wish to develop your site using below open sources, you are in right place. You can get a quote and hire us to get start your business. – WordPress Templates – Opencart Templates – Magento Templates – Concrete5 Templates – Shopware Templates – Joomla Templates Theme store

Graphic Design

The graphics making sites rich and using to show your business, “how its works”. We are love to do graphics. Right now all peoples are focusing to use very rich snippets based UI. For that we are creating graphics and icons with high quality. We do not use any free images. We are creating from scratch. Our design solutions offer affordable and fixed price graphics to your website. At the stage of web pages design, we offer some graphics for free of cost. When graphics requires more, then its applicable to quote. Theme store

Logo Design

Osiz Technologies Private Limited providing creative design solutions to differentiate your company in market place. We digitize your logo based on your Business. Logo would reflects the business concept and vision. We are offering Logo design services to suit all business needs. All logos are custom designed by our Expert Logo designers. Theme store

How our clients promoting us


Our Services

  • Web Development

    Our ‘Advanced Web Development” services provide clients with the necessary services to meet the ever changing needs of businesses on the web. Our experienced team of experts has all the experience needed to deliver the very latest in web design and development. Osiz Technologies Private Limited software will take full advantage of multiple languages, databases and advanced programming to make your Internet business a success.
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  • Application Development

    Our ‘Business Application Development” services provide clients with ‘state of the art’ business applications which are tailored for individual business requirements. Clients can have the confidence in knowing that all their specific business needs will be delivered. Our experienced team of experts can deliver customized application design, rich functionality, robust management tools, reverse engineering, porting and much more.
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  • Maintenance & Support

    Our ‘Business Maintenance & Support” services provide clients with all the necessary tools to maintain a ‘healthy’ website. Lack of maintenance and care can seriously affect the amount of traffic and business to a website. Our experts can deliver all the necessary maintenance to revise, edit and change webpages for a brighter, fresher feel. We can also monitor websites to improve the all-round performance and delivery of services.
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Our Process

  • 25

    Get Business Need – Idea

    Software requirements are categorized in several ways. We are following the below main categories of analysis before starting the project. — Read More

  • 50

    Requirement analysis and Design phase

    When the project get acceptance from the clients, We will college client business need and revenue requirement. Based on that we will do the following requirement analysis. — Read More

  • 75

    Development Phase and Testing Phase

    Now this is turn to write code by developers. Developers will integrate functionalities without disturbing the design elements. For the traditional design the developer should know the interface and the code should not disturb the look and feel of the site or application — Read More

  • 100

    Launch site and Promotion and Maintenance

    This phase is essential for web sites. This is the way of creating site traffic. So for this we have to do SEO. We are doing better analysis and doing SEO and SEM for our clients — Read More