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The Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC is a process used by Osiz Technologies to create, design, improve, develop and test high quality software. We use SDLC to produce and build high quality software that meet customer expectation, reach project completion in short period of times and cost effective budget. SDLC is good framework to perform every stage in software development process. We operate SDLC based on ISO 12207 as international standard for software life cycle process and develop software maintenance. Osiz Technologies SDLC is a process for high quality software project in good software organization. We place all plan details and describe how we work to develop, replace, maintain and enhance high quality software. Our life cycle is defined to improve quality of software and development process.

SDLC stages

Our Company Software Development Life Cycle consists of following stages as below

Planning and analysis
Analysis is important part and fundamental step in software development life cycle. It is performed by senior team with input from client, sales department, survey and domain expert. The information is used to create a plan for basic project and conduct all product study in operational, technical and economical approach. Planning is good quality assurance and identification of risk that associated with all project. The outcome of technical feasibility is good tool to define different technical approach and to implement all projects successfully.
Once all plan and analysis is done, we go to clearly define and product document process. We take clearly define and document product requirement to approved from our client and market analysis. This stage is done through software requirement specification or SRS that consists of product requirement to develop, improve and design all project.
Our software requirement specification or SRS is great references for all product architectures and come out with the best product architecture based on product requirement in SRS. Usually we use more design approach to propose and document product architecture in design document specification or DDS. Our design approach is clearly defined for all product architecture with data representation, communication flow, internal design, and external design module. All internal design is proposed clearly defined with DDS.
In this step, actually all SDLC development is started and product is built with programming code and generated in DDS. Our design is performed in detail and well organized with great code generation. Our developer team is following code guidelines to define programming tool and generating a code. We use various high level program technology such as’ CSS3, PHP, Pascal, Java code.
Testing is important stage in all SDLC process. Our test refer to product is reported, fixed, tracked and re-tested until all product reach standard quality that defined in SRS.
Once all product is tested and ready to deploy, we release it formally in true market. The product deployment happen in last stage SDLC process. The product may be tested in real business environment. After the product is released iDeploymentn the real market, it maintenance well for existing customer.

Why choose our waterfall model?

Osiz Technologies software development is different SDLC approach based on external and internal factor. Waterfall SDLC models has great advantages as follows:
  1. Clearly, fixed and documented requirement
  2. Stable product definition
  3. Dynamic technology
  4. Expertise product support
  5. Allow user to control and departmentalization
  6. Easy setting for deadlines in every stage of development
  7. Easy proceed product of development through model phase model
  8. Development is moved through implementation, testing, design, installation, operation and maintenance.
  9. Easy to use and simple to understand
  10. Easy to manage
  11. Has specific deliverable and review process
  12. Each phase is processed at one time
  13. Work great for smaller project
  14. Clearly defined development stage
  15. Work great for milestones
  16. Easy to arrange
  17. Product result and process is documented well